Education and Training

At the NYU Center for Psychedelic Medicine, we are passionate about providing outstanding educational experiences both within and outside the research context, and we are committed to disseminating accurate information about the clinical use of psychedelics. Read on to learn more about the different ways to learn with and from our group!


Please click here to learn about our cutting-edge Psychedelic Medicine Research Training Program for early-career researchers.

If you are a current NYU medical student or psychiatry resident and would like to be involved in research conducted at the CPM, we want to hear from you! Medical students should first reach out to Dr. Molly Poag, the Director of Medical Student Education in the Department of Psychiatry, to learn more about opportunities for summer research projects and scholarly concentrations at the CPM.


We offer study-specific trainings and clinical supervision for clinicians who are affiliated with an NYU CPM clinical research project. We are not currently offering psychedelic therapy training experiences for clinicians who are not already affiliated with the Center.

If you are a current NYU psychiatry resident and would like to be involved as a psychedelic therapist on one of our clinical trials, we want to hear from you! Please reach out to Dr. Kelley O’Donnell and Dr. Dan Roberts to learn more about the opportunities and training required. Please note that, in addition to psychedelic-specific trainings we will provide for study therapists, we strongly encourage that NYU residents interested in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy participate in the electives Integrative Psychotherapy and Trauma-Informed Care.


Psychedelic Medicine: We offer a CE/CME course entitled Psychedelic Medicine, directed by Dr. Kelley O’Donnell and Dr. Stephen Ross. The day-long course includes both cutting-edge research and clinically useful content presented by outstanding faculty within and outside the NYU Center for Psychedelic Medicine. External faculty in recent years have included Gül Dölen, Natalie Gukasyan, Peter Hendricks, Jennifer Mitchell, Michael and Annie Mithoefer, Charles Raison, and more! Bookmark this page to learn more details about the 2024 course when registration opens later this year!

Curricular Materials: We are part of a tri-institutional consortium tasked with developing curricular materials for medical students and psychiatry residents, to prepare them for the coming age of psychedelic medicine. We will begin beta-testing curricular materials in mid-2023, with a longer-term goal of developing an intensive clinical training program at the fellowship level. Stay tuned for more details!