Samantha Podrebarac, MSc MA

Samantha is an interfaith chaplaincy trainee through GTU Berkeley and has served as a psychedelic session guide and researcher with the Psilocybin-Assisted Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder trials. She also co-led the first group integration sessions for participants who completed the above Phase II trial and required continued support.

Samantha’s work is informed by years of spiritual training & development through yogic and Vedanta lineages, along with academic training in spiritual psychology & neuroscience. She has been immersed in long-term apprenticeships in various traditional spiritual healing paths and actively offers constellation healing work, meditation guidance, spiritual direction, and hospice end of life preparation. She integrates Vedanta, traditional Yoga, Christian, and Bon Tibetan practices in reverence to the lineages of teachers who came before her.

Samantha is devoted to the integration of spiritual guidance and meditation development within psychedelic medicine, and to supporting each individual’s direct experience of The Sacred through psychedelic healing into both life and death.