• Classic Hallucinogens for Addiction, Mood, and Anxiety Disorders

• Cannabidiol for Alcohol Use Disorder

• MDMA for Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders


• Cannabidiol for chronic non-cancer pain

• More research in development…


• Mechanism of Psychedelic-Induced Change in Animal Models of Psychiatric Disorders

We are currently performing clinical research with the following psychedelic drugs:
  • The classic hallucinogen psilocybin for treatment of alcohol use disorder
    PI: Michael Bogenschutz, MD

    [Funding for this research is provided by the Heffter Research Institute, B.More, and individual donations from Carey and Claudia Turnbull, Dr. Efrem Nulman, Rodrigo Niño, and Alan Fournier]

  • The classic hallucinogen psilocybin for treatment of major depressive disorder
    NYU Langone Site PI: Stephen Ross, MD

    [Funding for this research is provided by the Usona Institute.

  • The synthetic psychedelic MDMA for treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder
    NYU Langone Site PI: Michael Bogenschutz, MD

    [Funding for this research is provided by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)]

We are also performing preclinical research with the following non-psychedelic drugs:
  • The classic hallucinogen LSD for investigation of neurocircuity alterations related to its effects on alcohol preference
    PI: Sarah Mennenga, PhD
    Co-I/Project Mentor: Tanya Sippy, MD/PhD

    [Funding for this research is provided by the NYU Langone Psychedelic Medicine Research Training Program, and MindMed, Inc.]

  • The non-hallucinogenic LSD derivative, BOL-148/2-bromo-LSD, for investigations of its effects on alcohol preference and related neurocircuitry
    PI: Sarah Mennenga, PhD
    Co-I/Project Mentor: Tanya Sippy, MD/PhD

    [Funding for this research is provided by CH TAC, the NYU Langone Psychedelic Medicine Research Training Program, and MindMed, Inc.]

    If you or your organization are interested in donating funding to support our research, please contact Marci Brenholz ( at NYU Langone’s Office of Development, with a cc to

Select Publications

Psilocybin-Assisted Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder and Addiction

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Psilocybin-Assisted Treatment of Cancer-Related Anxiety and Depression

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Therapeutic Applications of Psychedelics

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