Research Training Program

The NYU Langone Psychedelic Medicine Research Training Program was developed and launched in September 2020 to provide support, training, mentorship, and research funding necessary for junior scientists to establish independent careers studying psychedelic and psychedelic-inspired treatments. To ensure longevity and sustainability of the field, the Program will maintain a focus on establishing new, independent, governmentally-funded careers in research on psychedelic-inspired treatment approaches.

The Program will provide partial-to-full salary and benefits for postdoctoral researchers for up to 5 years and support for a mentored research project. The first year of each trainee’s participation will include identifying a primary mentor, developing and presenting a research project proposal, and initiating study startup activities. The remaining (up to) 4 years will be devoted to data collection, analysis, and presentation, as well as career development activities, including submission of a K- or R- series grant application to NIH. Throughout participation, all trainees will be required to attend and participate in weekly seminars led by the Program directors, submit progress reports, regularly attend scientific and public conferences, and continue to progress towards scientific independence. Each trainee will present a project proposal, data summary, and final presentation within the weekly seminar series. Continuation in the program beyond 3 years will be based on satisfactory progress in career development as well as continued need for support.

The Program is currently recruiting postdoctoral fellows to work on clinical, translational or basic science studies that focus on the therapeutic use of psychedelics or their mechanism of action in the brain/body. Eligible applicants will have received a relevant doctoral degree (PhD and/or MD) within the past four years or plan to complete their degree within the next 12 months and can identify an area of interest within the fields of psychedelic or para-psychedelic medicine. Preference will be given to candidates that can identify faculty mentors whose expertise aligns with the goals of the Program and the candidate’s identified area of interest, and who will commit to mentoring the candidate. Competitive applications will demonstrate ability to construct and test scientific questions, and effectively communicate results and their implications to scientific, clinical, and lay audiences. Interested applicants should send a short statement of interest and their CV via email to

  • Michael P. Bogenschutz, MD
  • Professor of Psychiatry, NYU Grossman School of Medicine 
  • Director, NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine
  • Stephen Ross, MD
  • Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NYU Grossman School of Medicine
  • Associate Director, NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine
  • Director, NYU Langone Psychedelic Medicine Research Training Program
  • Tanya Sippy, MD PhD
  • Assistant Professor Psychiatry and Neuroscience, NYU Grossman School of Medicine
  • Associate Director, Psychiatry Research Residency Program, NYU School of Medicine 
  • Associate Director, NYU Langone Psychedelic Medicine Research Training Program