Stephen Ross, MD
Associate Director

Research Team

Denise Balili, MS: Project Manager

Corryn Chaimowitz: PRTP recruitment coordinator

Katherine Deegan: Research Data Associate

Holly Duane, LCSW: Lead Therapist/Supervisor

Noah Gold: Research Coordinator

Noam Goldway, PhD: Postdoctoral Fellow

Xiaojue Hu, MD: Clinical Assistant Professor, Lead Therapist/Supervisor

Samantha Khan, MPH: Research Coordinator

Austin Mallard: Research Data Associate

Sarah Mennenga, PhD: Research Assistant Professor, PRTP Fellow

Kelley O’Donnell, MD, PhD: Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Training

Broc Pagni, PhD: PRTP Postdoctoral Fellow

Petros Petridis, MD: Psychiatry Resident, Research Track

Daniel Roberts, MD, MSW: Clinical Instructor, Lead Therapist/Supervisor

Ursula Rogers, MA: Research Data Associate, PhD Candidate

Mariana Sari: Administrative Coordinator

Tanya Sippy, MD, PhD: Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator

Angela West, MA: Research Coordinator

Richard Zeifman, PhD: PRTP Postdoctoral Fellow

Advisory Board

CPM Affiliates

  • Sonya Bakshi, MD: NYU Psychiatry Resident
  • Miles Bukiet, MA, MSW: Study Therapist
  • Brennan Carrithers, MD: NYU Psychiatry Resident
  • Victor Demetrio, MD: NYU Psychiatry Resident
  • Jeffrey Guss, MD: Psychiatrist, Study Therapist
  • Hope Kronman, MD, PhD: NYU Psychiatry Resident
  • Sharon Madanes, MD: NYU Psychiatry Resident
  • Justin Morales, MD: NYU Psychiatry Resident
  • Collin Reiff, MD: Psychiatrist, Study Therapist
  • Gabriella Reubens, MD: NYU Psychiatry Resident
  • Naomi Simon, MD: Professor of Psychiatry, Co-Investigator
  • Erik Quan, MD: NYU Psychiatry Resident

CPM Alumni

Click here for a list of researchers, clinicians, staff, and volunteers who have now moved on, but who contributed to the development and flourishing of research at the NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine!