Claudia Turnbull

Claudia Turnbull is a member of the Advisory Board at the NYU Center for Psychedelic Medicine. Along with her husband, she is one of the most prominent philanthropists in the field of psychedelic medicine. She is a founder of B.More, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make a prescription medicine of psilocybin for the treatment of substance use disorders, and she serves on the Board of the Heffter Research Institute. She is a founding member of Ceruvia, a corporation whose mission is to research and develop neurotransformational medicines.

In addition to her philanthropy, Mrs. Turnbull is interested in guiding others in non-ordinary states of consciousness. She began teaching the Transcendental Meditation Technique in 1974, and has facilitated psilocybin sessions for participants in multiple studies at the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research. She was trained to facilitate psilocybin sessions on the Usona-sponsored trial for major depression, and she completed the MAPS-PBC MDMA therapy training program.