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Exploring innovative treatments for patients struggling with addiction and other illnesses

The NYU Langone Health Center for Psychedelic Medicine performs health-focused research across the translational spectrum, from basic science to large-scale clinical trials.

The NYU Langone Health Center for Psychedelic Medicine (NYU CPM) has three transdisciplinary areas of focus: psychiatry, medicine, and preclinical research. Interactive platforms of research and education span the three core areas, providing the necessary infrastructure to generate knowledge, train scientists and clinicians, and ensure accurate dissemination of information surrounding the clinical use of psychedelics.

In addition to research, our Center prioritizes education of clinicians, scientists, and the public. We have secured $5M in funding for a robust research training program that will support the development of junior faculty members and post-doctoral fellows to become independent investigators in the field of Psychedelic Medicine.

These complementary strategies promote an inclusive environment in which highly trained scientists, clinicians, trainees, and staff collaborate to ensure that the momentum created by the modern psychedelic renaissance is sustained and continues to yield medical breakthroughs backed by sound science.

The NYU Center for Psychedelic Medicine

NYU Grossman School of Medicine – Department of Psychiatry
One Park Avenue, 8th floor